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Two Great Musicals Produced & Published by Kingsbury Creations

At Kingsbury Creations we have taken two well-loved stories and transformed them into exciting musicals. Over the years these shows have proved so adaptable, they have been successful in a huge variety of productions all over the world from schools to national and international tours.

With two such fantastic tales, Treasure Island and The Wind in the Willows, these productions are sure to be enjoyed by both actors and audiences alike.  These classic stories, adapted by Stephen Kingsbury and Ben Sleep, are both faithful to the spirit of the original stories and huge fun to perform.

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A Jolly Salt-encrusted Musical Adventure!

When young Jim Hawkins stumbles across Billy Bones’ treasure map, he embarks on the thrilling adventure he has always dreamed of.

But can the motley crew of the Hispaniola really be trusted? And is the affable ship’s cook, Long John Silver, really as innocent as he likes to appear?

Surprises await them all on their arrival at Treasure Island!

A Rip-roaring Ride Along the Road of Friendship!

When Mole plucks up the courage to explore the Riverbank with his friend Ratty, nothing can prepare him for the adventure that awaits.
Along with Badger and the irrepressible Mr. Toad, the foursome career from one exploit to the next, culminating in a battle not only to save Toad Hall, but their very way of life.

This magical adaptation of The Wind in the Willows musical captures all the wit and bonhomie of Kenneth Grahame’s novel, and aims to bring the delights of this literary classic to yet another generation.

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