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a thrilling and ultimately heart warming musical by Stephen Kingsbury and Ben Sleep
"But nothing this perfect lasts forever. How can it?"

Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis and their mother are forced to move from London to "Three Chimneys", a small house in the country near the railway, after their father is imprisoned as a result of being falsely accused of selling state secrets. The children become friendly with Perks, the station porter, and with the Old Gentleman who regularly takes the 9:15 train. Danger and heroism are just along the track!

Our show tells the thrilling and moving story of how Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis became The Railway Children. It contains all the excitement and emotion of Edith Nesbit's subtle critique of the English class system, and aims to bring the delights of this literary classic to yet another generation.

The 2016 tour produced by talkingScarlet has been packing them in at theatres around the UK, including Windsor, Cheltenham, Derry , Buxton, Gloucester, Blackpool, Eastbourne, Basingstoke and Portsmouth with yet another tour planned for 2017.

Images from Talking Scarlet's 2016/17 tour of The Railway Children
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